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Award Winning Research

Nicholas Weseley, UNR 2nd year Medical Student, presented his summer research project “A Validated Model for the 22-item Sinonasal Outcome Test Subdomain Structure in Chronic Rhinosinusitis” at the Regional American College of Physicians Meeting on September 27th at the VA Hospital in Reno. He won first prize for the summer project he headed up in […]

Nevada ENT and Reno Tahoe Sinus Center Collaborate with Harvard Medical School

Dr. Meier recently returned from Chicago where the paper “A Validated Model for the 22-item Sinonasal Outcome Test Subdomain Structure in Chronic Rhinosinusitis” was presented at the American Rhinologic Society’s Annual Meeting. This paper demonstrated that the 22 questions found in the SNOT-22 can be grouped into 4 subdomains (sleep, nasal, otologic/facial pain and emotional). […]

Odontogenic (Dental) Sinusitis

Odontogenic sinusitis is a persistent infection of the sinuses that arises from a diseased upper tooth root – usually a molar. Odontogenic sinusitis comprises 5-10% of chronic sinusitis. The dental infection will cause a periapical abscess (pus collection around the root of the tooth) which is commonly located in the cheek sinus. This will cause […]

Chronic Sinusitis and Other Nasal Complaints

Nasal complaints are common in northern Nevada. While there are many conditions that can cause nasal symptoms, high altitude, allergies and lack of humidity are some of the factors that can lead to nasal symptoms. Fortunately the majority of nasal complaints can be resolved with simple, economical solutions, many of which are available over the […]

Dr. Meier Featured in Canyon Vista Living

Dr. Meier authored an article on chronic sinusitis and nasal health for the October issue of Canyon Vista Living – the local magazine for Somersett Reno. Please click below to download the PDF Thank you to Canyon Vista Living for the great opportunity senior-living-Dr-Meier08252017

Revision Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Maxillary Recirculation

Chronic sinusitis is, as the name implies, a chronic disease. There is no permanent cure for chronic sinusitis, but there are many treatments that can improve patients’ symptoms. The first step in treatment of chronic sinusitis is using a topical nasal steroid, like Flonase (now over the counter) and a saline rinses. If patients continue […]

Dr. Meier Gives Grand Rounds at Renown Regional Medical Center

Dr. Meier lectured at Renown Regional Medical Center Grand Rounds on August 10th, 2017 on “Chronic Sinusitis and Other Nasal Complaints”. In addition to the audience present in the Mack Auditorium, there were remote attendees from Ely and Bishop. Dr. Meier was happy to meet his referring doctors, and to answer everyone’s questions about nasal […]