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Dr. Josh Meier Featured in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Dr. Josh Meier reflected on the healthcare industry and lesson learned from the pandemic.

In February 2020, we shook hands and hugged without hesitation. We packed into convention centers, meeting rooms, restaurants and concert halls — networking, talking, laughing and dancing less than six feet apart.

Then it all went away. In March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic shut down Nevada and the entire nation, we started bumping elbows instead of shaking hands. We connected via Zoom rather than network in person. We relied on breweries and distilleries for hand sanitizer. We snapped up toilet paper and pasta at breakneck pace. We wore masks when we shopped.

All the while, the business community here was impacted in countless ways, big and small. Some shut down completely, others struggled to reopen, and many more found innovative ways to shift their business model to survive — and some even thrived due to a pandemic-related rise in demand.

One year later, the NNBW fielded responses from more than 20 business owners and executives in Northern Nevada — bars, banks, contractors, developers, Realtors, healthcare providers and more — to find out the biggest lessons they have learned since March 2020, and the biggest differences in how their industry now conducts business.

“There were many lessons learned last year. Our practice needed to adapt quickly and efficiently while meeting the new regulations and safety protocols. The biggest change our office made was implementing telehealth capabilities within four days to continue to provide care to our patients. Our practice didn’t offer telehealth options prior to the COVID pandemic, but we quickly realized we needed to adapt to give our patients a safer option to receive care. As with many other lessons from this pandemic, we don’t see our telehealth capabilities being discontinued.”

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