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ENT Care

As specialists in the field of ear, nose, and throat care, as well as head and neck surgery, our physicians stay current on the latest methods and procedures to provide the best care possible to our patients. The audiology staff works with patients to understand their lifestyle and specific needs in order to provide individualized solutions to each patient’s hearing loss. Our office staff is eager to ensure that all patients have a positive experience beginning with their initial visit.
At Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates, we strive to provide quality patient care, to every patient, every day.

Nose and Sinus — Rhinology

Common ailments
Nasal obstruction and congestion, Sinus infections, Snoring, Headache, Poor or altered sense of smell, Nosebleed, Nasal polyps, Nasal fracture and injury.
Nasal deformity, Halitosis, Nasal allergies

Common treatments
Septoplasty, Endoscopic sinus surgery, Computerized Image-guided surgery, Nasal Fracture repair, Medical allergy treatment, Rhinoplasty, Septal perforation repair, Cancer surgery, Control of nosebleed

Ear — Otology

Common ailments
Ear infection, Swimmer’s ear, Sudden Hearing loss, Ruptured eardrum, Bell’s Palsy, Ringing in ears, Dizziness and balance disorders, Ear deformity, Ear pain, Inability to equalize ears, Cauliflower ear

Common treatments
Ear tubes, Medical treatment for ear infections, Eardrum repair (Tympanoplasty), Mastoid surgery, Otoplasty

Hearing — Audiology

Common ailments
Hearing loss and deafness, Tinnitus, Dizziness

Common treatments
Hearing tests (audiograms), Balance testing (ENG), Hearing aid dispensing, Epley maneuver

Throat — Laryngology

Common ailments
Hoarseness, Recurrent sore throats, Chronic tonsillitis, Halitosis, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Swallowing problems, Sensation of lump in throat, chronic cough

Common treatments
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, Snoreplasty, Sleep apnea surgery (UPPP), Laryngoscopy, Phonosurgery and voice restoration

Head and Neck

Common ailments
Enlarged thyroid and thyroid nodules, Neck mass, Hypercalcemia, Congenital cysts, Facial fractures, Salivary gland stones and swelling, Neck and throat cancers, Head and neck skin cancers

Common treatments
Thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, Salivary gland surgery, Cancer surgery and management, Skin cancer surgery and facial reconstructive surgery,
Lymph node removal