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Welcome to Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates

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We are pleased to announce that we are reopening our office for patient visits effective Wednesday, May 13th. Our staff is available immediately to take appointments for either in office or telehealth visits. As we reopen, we are taking the following steps in the interest of the safety of our patients, staff and physicians for onsite appointments. We appreciate your understanding as we work to provide the highest standard of care in the safest environment possible.

· All patients will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of appointment booking, and also on both the day prior to, and the day of the visit. This screening will include a temperature check at the time of entry.

· The number of patients in the building at one time will be limited and extensive decontamination efforts in exam areas will be taken after each visit.

· All staff will wear masks at all times and we ask that patients do the same when visiting our office.

· If any patient has had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 in the 3 weeks preceding the visit, we will ask that they arrange for a telemedicine visit or see their PCP.

· We ask that those accompanying patients to our office be limited to one in the case of minors or those who need assistance only. Otherwise, we ask that only the patient themselves enter our building.


Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates is Northern Nevada’s premier medical practice for the treatment of ear, nose and throat and hearing conditions. We are the region’s largest and oldest ENT practice, established in 1977. At Nevada ENT, we believe in a team approach to patient care. Our Otolaryngologists (Drs. Killeen, Mathis, Meier) work closely with our audiologists (Drs. Panelli and Williams) to improve your head, neck and hearing health. Together, we have been serving the Reno / Tahoe area for four decades.

Our office offers state of the art equipment including a cone beam CT scanner for evaluation of ear and sinus disorders. Cone beam CT scanners have less radiation of conventional CT scans. We also have three audiology suites and a full range of balance testing, including video nystagmography (VNG).

In order to better inform our patients, we have included a section on our website covering common topics associated with ear, nose and throat conditions and treatments. We encourage you to peruse these to better inform yourself.

We know that convenience is important to your selection of an otolaryngologist. We encourage you to explore our Website to get information about our office, including location, maps, directions, hours and appointment scheduling. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment. We hope you’ll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for in an Otolaryngologist.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates is to be a leader in the community in the provision of state of the art healthcare in a safe and caring environment. We strive to provide the ethical standards in an open and honest manner. Our goal is to address hearing problems, problems afflicting the ears, nose, and throat, as well as diseases of the head and neck, with care given to every patient and the time and attention necessary to address their healthcare concerns.

Special Announcements

Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates is pleased to welcome Dr. Keely Chevallier to our practice. Dr. Chevallier, a Nevada native, joins the practice from David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base, where she served as an Active Duty Air Force officer for four years, most recently as the Officer in Charge of the combined ENT, Audiology, and Speech-Language Pathology Clinic, and the Surgical Champion for the Hospital’s Informatics Steering Committee. She served a tour in Afghanistan in 2018 as the only NATO forces ENT in the country, during which time, she took care of patients including US Service Members, NATO forces, and Afghan troops, providing care for traumatic injuries, respiratory failure, and all diseases of the ears, nose, and throat. We are thrilled to have her as part of the Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates Team. Welcome, Dr. Chevallier!

Office Information

Monte Vista Village
9770 S. McCarran Boulevard
Reno, NV 89523

We are located on McCarran Blvd. Between I-80 & Mayberry.

We are in the Monte Vista Shopping Center at W 4th St

Phone: 775.322.4589
Fax: 775.322.3787


Contact the Experts in ENT and Hearing Care

Specialty Treatment for Ear, Nose and Throat

Our Otolaryngologists, Audiologists and staff at Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates work with patients to provide individualized solutions for patient care. Generally, it is best to call our office directly with your questions, however, it is possible to request an appointment and to contact our office for billing questions via email. Please understand that we are unable to answer any medical questions via email. We look forward to your visit!

Monte Vista Village
9770 South McCarran Boulevard
Reno, Nevada 89523-9203

Phone: 775.322.4589
Fax: 775.322.3787
Toll Free: 800.722.4589


Our Specialists at Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates

Providing Individualized Solutions to Patient Care


Comprehensive Ear, Nose and Throat Care

Providing Quality Patient Care to Every Patient, Every Day

Otolaryngology pronounced “oh-toe-lair-in-goll-oh-jee” is the oldest medical specialty in the United States. Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in the branch of medicine that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the ear, nose, and throat, as well as head and neck disorders. A commonly used term for this specialty is ENT (ear, nose, and throat), although the specialties officially recognized name is Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

As specialists in the field of ear, nose, and throat care, as well as head and neck surgery, our physicians stay current on the latest methods and procedures to provide the best care possible to our patients. The audiology staff works with patients to understand their lifestyle and specific needs in order to provide individualized solutions to each patient’s hearing loss. Our office staff is eager to ensure that all patients have a positive experience beginning with their initial visit.

At Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates, we strive to provide quality patient care, to every patient, every day.

Our Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat Care:


Nose and Sinus — Rhinology

Common ailments

Nasal obstruction and congestion, Sinus infections, Snoring, Headache, Poor or altered sense of smell, Nosebleed, Nasal polyps, Nasal fracture and injury.

Nasal deformity, Halitosis, Nasal allergies

Common treatments

Septoplasty, Endoscopic sinus surgery, Computerized Image-guided surgery, Nasal Fracture repair, Medical allergy treatment, Rhinoplasty, Septal perforation repair, Cancer surgery, Control of nosebleed

Ear — Otology

Common ailments

Ear infection, Swimmer’s ear, Sudden Hearing loss, Ruptured eardrum, Bell’s Palsy, Ringing in ears, Dizziness and balance disorders, Ear deformity, Ear pain, Inability to equalize ears, Cauliflower ear

Common treatments

Ear tubes, Medical treatment for ear infections, Eardrum repair (Tympanoplasty), Mastoid surgery, Otoplasty

Hearing — Audiology

Common ailments

Hearing loss and deafness, Tinnitus, Dizziness

Common treatments

Hearing tests (audiograms), Balance testing (ENG), Hearing aid dispensing, Epley maneuver

Throat — Laryngology

Common ailments

Hoarseness, Recurrent sore throats, Chronic tonsillitis, Halitosis, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Swallowing problems, Sensation of lump in throat, chronic cough

Common treatments

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, Snoreplasty, Sleep apnea surgery (UPPP), Laryngoscopy, Phonosurgery and voice restoration

Head and Neck

Common ailments

Enlarged thyroid and thyroid nodules, Neck mass, Hypercalcemia, Congenital cysts, Facial fractures, Salivary gland stones and swelling, Neck and throat cancers, Head and neck skin cancers

Common treatments

Thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, Salivary gland surgery, Cancer surgery and management, Skin cancer surgery and facial reconstructive surgery,
Lymph node removal


Our audiologists use audiometers, computers, and other devices to test patient’s hearing ability and balance. Understanding the extent of hearing damage and to identify the underlying cause usually mean a comprehensive examination.

Treatment may include cleaning wax out of ear canals, fitting and checking hearing aids, or fitting the patient with cochlear implants to improve hearing. Cochlear implants are tiny devices that are placed under the skin near the ear and deliver electrical impulses directly to the auditory nerve in the brain.

Providing the Best Treatments, One Patient at a Time.

Our Audiological Services:


  • Complete audiological evaluations
  • Assessment of middle ear function
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Cerumen/wax removal
  • Custom Hearing Protection Products
  • Custom Earmolds (ipods, cell phones, swimming)
  • Hearing Loss Simulation for Family Counseling
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Full Line of Digital Hearing Aids
  • Selection and fitting of hearing aids using real ear measurement
  • Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA & Ponto)
  • Extended wear hearing aids (lyric)
  • 2 Year Loss and Damage Warranty
  • 30 day Trial Period
  • Financing Plans Available
  • Repairs of all Makes & Models of hearing aids
  • Full In-Office Service Included with All Hearing Aids during Warranty
  • Most Major Insurance Providers Accepted
  • Balance Testing (ENG/VNG)
  • Canalith Repositioning Therapy (CRT-Epley maneuver)
  • Counseling
  • Central auditory processing


Nevada ENT Patient Forms

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