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Septoplasty and Septal Deviation

Septal deviation is a common condition, with a significant portion of the population having their septum deviate to one side or the other.  Commonly some degree of nasal trauma may cause a deviated septum.  Many people are asymptomatic from this, however a few can have nasal obstruction symptoms on the side that is deviated.  In these patients, septoplasty (i.e straightening the septum), can be performed.  It is usually an outpatient procedure, performed under general anesthesia.  After the operation, the patient can breathe better on the affected side.  If the deviated septum is more posteriorly placed, endoscopic septoplasty is a good option for the patient.  This approach can be done without packing or splints afterwards, and the recovery is easier.  Commonly an inferior turbinoplasty is performed concurrently because the turbinates can be swollen due to allergies, or to compensate for the extra space on the non deviated side.

Josh Meier, M.D. F.A.R.S